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The Ellesmere Honey Company

Nestled in the heart of North Shropshire, our family-owned business is situated just beyond the charming town of Ellesmere. Our location is in a region renowned for its scenic lakes and meres, making it a sought-after tourist destination and a favoured resting place for narrowboat holidaymakers navigating the idyllic Llangollen/Shropshire Union Canal.

Bee Keeper

Our Bee Farming Journey, Rooted in Quality and Sustainability

Since our inception in 2013, our bee farming business has steadily expanded, cultivating multiple apiary sites across the picturesque landscapes of North Shropshire and Ellesmere.

Our unwavering commitment has always been to craft the finest, pure local honey available. We take pride in offering a honey that is not only rich in flavour but also remains unpasteurized, raw, and completely traceable to the unique character of each apiary site.

Above all, our foremost concern is the well-being of our beloved bees. We firmly believe that healthy, contented bees are the key to producing the best honey. By diligently safeguarding them against disease and providing them with all they need, we ensure they can forage freely, capturing the distinct essence of the local area's diverse wildflowers, meadows, and hedgerows. This, in turn, grants our honey its wholly unique and delightful taste.

In both our business and personal lives, we are unwavering in our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a zero carbon footprint. Every piece of packaging we use is consciously selected for its recyclable and compostable properties, reflecting our dedication to preserving the environment we cherish.

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